Thursday, February 23, 2012

February 15, 2012

Hello Family, Բարեվ զեզ (hello)

How are things? Things are good here. We just got back from the temple, which was a really good experience. They actually don't let us use our own temple clothes, so I might just send mine home. I won't be able to use them for the whole mission. It's great to here that it snowed, the weather down here is weirdly warm. It kind of sucks. It's like we didn't even have winter. Yes I have written Reggie, he says we need to exchange stories. Yes I did get you're valentines day package, and I am very much looking forward to eating it. The language is coming along slowly but surely, but it will definitely take some time. That's cool that Alycia went to her first dance. Make sure to tell those guys that I`m not afraid to come home just to kick their teeth in though. Dad, I`m sorry your computer took a dump, that`s a bummer. Getting food to me after I get out of the temple might be kind of hard. No rush though, I still have a lot of time here. I don``t really have a favorite scripture off the top of my head, so just pick one for me. I`m good with whatever. I`ll send pictures soon, it just takes a few days for them to print stuff off, and they won`t let me email them while I`m here­.

Well, I`ll talk to you soon.

Հաջոհություն (Goodbye),

Երեց Փաք (Elder Pack)

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