Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May 7, 2012

Hey fam,

How is everyone doing? It sounds like everyone has their stuff going on these days. That's sad about the Beastie Boys... I think I'll live though. I totally forgot that this was Mom's last year in Tavaci! What is she going to do with all of her time now?! That's crazy about Robbie too. He's going to be a giant. We'll have an intense wrestling match when I get home. How is Jenna and Mom's play going? I'm bummed I won't be able to see it. How is Alycia's cheer? And I hope work is good for you Dad, and I hope you have some time to get out and have some fun. You're getting pretty close to the boating season that should be pretty sweet. How is Nate doing? When is his baby due? That's crazy to think that he'll be a dad when I get back.

Armenia is good. We had kind of a slow week this week, they just weren't biting. The weather hasn't been that good either; it rained most of the week. My companions from the MTC are both somewhat close to me. Elder Chojnacki is down in Char, and it sounds like a party down there. They have a family that's pretty close to baptism. We all went to Yerevan this last week to do physicals and stuff for our residence cards, so I was able to see him and two queers from the MTC. They all seem to be doing well, but I still feel like I need a bit more of a break from the queers. 12 weeks was a long time to be with them. Elder Harrington luckily is actually serving in Vanadzor as well, and his companion is Elder Larson. This week I actually went on splits with Elder Larson, and it was pretty fun. We had a good few days. Because Elder Gerber is the District Leader here, I get to go on splits basically every week. It should be good, it will push me to be better. These next 2 weeks I'll be with Elder Rakham and Elder Harrington, and we're all pretty new, so it should be pretty good. Pretty hard, but good. Like I said, it was a slow week, so not a ton happened. One funny thing that did happen though is I got all the way out onto the street just to realize I still had my sandals on. If only I could have gotten all the way to the lesson without noticing. We had a really good meal yesterday, at this old somewhat crazy lady's house. The food was really good, and also pretty interesting. She felt the need to constantly feed me food. When my mouth was full she would try to stuff more in. Then she did a dance for us for some reason. Like I said, a little crazy. But very nice. People are interesting here. I had one guy spit on me, and another guy tell us that we don't care when babies die. Whatever that means. Some people are way nice and others are just insane. Sorry, my thoughts are a little scattered.

So everything is good. I also heard that the Avengers came out this week, so let me know how that was.

It's awesome to hear from you, Thanks again for writing me,


Elder Pack

Abandoned Ski Resort

Elder Pack & Elder Gerber


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