Monday, April 30, 2012

April 30, 2012

Hey fam,

How’s it going? I hope all is well.

Armenia is sweet, I can't believe it's already been another week. We've been doing a lot of teaching and talking to people on the streets. We had a crazy amount of meetings fall through this week, which was sometimes discouraging. I think one day we had 7 fall through. We have a few progressing investigators still though, so it's good. This week at church we had almost 100 people at church, which is crazy for Armenia. I'm lucky enough to be serving in one of the strongest branches in the country. We have one investigator that's ridiculously close to being ready for baptism, but he just keeps relapsing into smoking. I'm really praying for him, he's a great guy. A little forgetful sometimes, but a great guy. It's crazy that in just the short amount of time here I'm feeling love for the people.  Yesterday we had a cool experience. We were street contacting and we talked to this guy. At first he was okay, but then he started freaking out and telling us that we had no right to say anything about Christ. Because they're the first Christian nation and all. It was more funny than anything, and he wouldn't even really let us talk. It's amazing how ignorant some people can be. I feel pretty bad for them. At one point he told me that my Armenian was terrible and that for 50 bucks he would teach me how to REALLY speak Armenian. Funny. I didn't take him up on his offer, just so you know.

That's really sad news about the family; I hope everyone is doing ok. I'll be praying for their family.
The LDS church building in Vanadzor is actually the exact same building that we live in, so you should be able to see what we live around. We're planning on going to see some sights next week when hopefully it gets a little warmer.

Well, it's awesome to hear from you, I hope everyone is doing well. I'll try to send some pictures in the next few weeks.

With love,
Elder Pack

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