Sunday, April 22, 2012

March 14, 2012

Dear Family:

Really good week this week. I wish that they gave us more time to email, but I think that it will get better when I get to the field. Usually in gym I just run, mostly just so I don't get super fat while I'm here. It feels good to get some exercise. Tell Grandma I'm thinking and praying for her, I hope she heals quickly.

Something that's cool that I found out is a bunch of Armenians go to USU for school, so it looks like I'll have some people to talk to when I get back.

I'm not sure if this is the right verse, but Alma 29:9 is really good. If it's the one I'm thinking of then just use that one on my plaque.

Tell Mom and Jenna good luck with their play and tell Alycia good luck with her tryouts. I'm praying for you all.

Ya I don't know how to make the sushi work either. I'm coming back from the temple at like 9 am on wednesdays, and that's a little early for sushi. The only other time I leave campus is on Sundays for temple walk so I dunno. Sad day.

I don't know what else I want in a package... If i think of anything i'll let you know.

Sorry I can't write more.


Երեց Փաք

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